At a certain point of my fast paced journey through finance, I found myself searching for inspiration and new input. As I navigated through the internet, I realized that nothing out there stroke a chord with me. I was looking for something that was moving between the lines of traditional sectors, encompassing topics I had grown up with. 

With roots in France and Germany and having spent over ten years in Switzerland, the concept of this site is influenced by French art de vivre just as much as it is influenced by German excellence and Swiss quality.

The site is available in English, French and German.

Lucien L. Chiron was born in Paris, France. The son of a French father and a German mother grew up between the two cultures and languages.

After taking on stints for political institutions in Brussels and Berlin, Chiron was part of the Risk Management Division at UBS Zurich before joining Switzerland’s largest FinTech company as a Business Development Manager.

He is currently going through IMD’s full-time MBA program in Lausanne and can also be followed on IMD’s official blog

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